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Become the Guardian of Area00

  • Why do I need your sponsorhip?

    Area00 is maintained by my salary and advertising is not helping me at all. Currently Korea Server is so buggy and slow because the machine belongs to my boss and I am using some part of it under his approval. If you become a sponsor for Area00, I will be able to host a new server in USA and other in other countries (if possible).

    - Tony Choe, Founder.

  • How much money do you need to maintain one server?

    I expect I need to pay US $350 ~ $500 monthly for USA Server hosting. It depends on traffic usage (bandwidth).

  • How can I become the Guardian of Area00?

    If you donate US $30+ and promise to donate $30 every month, I will serve you as my guardian angel. You can send money to me by PayPal, cheque, money order and other methods.

    There are two type of guardians.
    Small Guardian of Area00$30
    Guardian of Area00$50+

    To maintain your guardian position, please send a monthly donation on the day you become a guardian.

  • How will my donation be used?

    First, I am going to build up a server in the United States. I found MegaNetServe.com accepts PayPal money. I am going to use their dedicated server hosting service. This ISP is located in Califonia, USA. After that, your money will be used to pay bills to keep Area00 up.

    Server Candidate 1: MegaNetServe.com.
    Server Candidate 2: Rackshack.net.

  • What is the benefit of Guardian of Area00?

    • You will have the Donor Status and the special aircraft ticket for free while you are a sponsor.
    • You can talk to me directly via MSN.
    • Your request will be processed quickly. Any request could be considered.
    • I will personally take care of your characters and account.
    • You will receive credits for all your donation with a 30 ~ 50% bonus by your type of sponsorship. And you can distribute this credits to any characters of you or your friend in Area00 by your request.

      Bonus Rates
      Small Guardian of Area0030%
      Guardian of Area0050%


      • If you sponsor $30 every month, you will receive (93 million + 30% bonus = 124 million) every month.
      • If you sponsor $50 every month, you will receive (170 million + 50% bonus = 255 million) every month.
      • If you donate for extra credits after sending a monthly sponsorship, you will receive a 30% ~ 50% bonus also.

    • You will receive the Guardian of Area00 Medal. And you will have special service in game such as a colored callsign, increased hourly payment, etc. (will be programmed)
    • And other special requests regarding your characters and account will be processed.


    If you are interested to be a Guardian of Area00, please e-mail me at tonychoe@area00.com.

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