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Area00.com currently is provided as a free service to any member who agrees to abide by the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. Area00.com reserves the right to change the nature of this relationship at any time. Area00.com reserves the right to change, suspend or discontinue the Service or any other aspect of the Service, at any time without prior notice to members. Area00.com reserves the right to also impose limits on certain features or services contained in the Service without prior notice. MEMBERS WHO VIOLATE THE TERMS OF SERVICE MAY PERMANENTLY BE BANNED FROM USING AREA00.COM.

  • Members are allowed to create and maintain one account in each gaming enigine. In addition, members are allowed to maintain only their own account; under no circumstances should accounts be shared or managed by anyone other than the original owner.

  • Under no circumstances are members allowed to use the aid of any automated processes to improve their performance in the Area00.com game. Use of automated scripts, external web page linking or other software that accesses the Area00.com servers for any reason outside of normal gameplay is expressly forbidden.

  • Area00.com maintains the highest standards of ethics within the game. Any instance of inappropriate language/remarks, manipulation of bugs, or acts of fraud will result in immediate removal from the game. Impersonation, for whatever reason, of Area00.com staff is considered fraud under this Terms of Service agreement. Area00.com relies on its staff as well as playing customers to help enforce these rules and provide an enjoyable gaming environment for members of all ages and backgrounds.

  • Area00.com will make every effort to monitor the Area00.com game and ensure a fair and competitive gaming environment. Area00.com reserves the right to remove any member from Area00.com without notice. Area00.com reserves the right to provide no guarantee of service quality, and you agree not to hold Area00.com responsible for any incidental damages caused by Area00.com.

  • Area00.com contains links to third-party World Wide Web sites and other resources. Area00.com assumes no responsibility for the availability or content of these outside sites and resources. Therefore, any concerns a member may have regarding any other site should be directed to the relevant site administrator or webmaster.

  • Disruption of the flow of content or discussion by repeatedly posting the same message or image or posting excessively large images is not permitted. In extreme cases, if the repeated posting causes a Denial of Service to Area00, charges may be filed in a court of law.

  • It is prohibited to create an unpleasant environment for other members of Area00. You are prohibited to use any offensive terms or sexual comments that causes discomfort or offend other members of Area00. This restriction applies to all languages spoken by all members of Area00. Area00 reserves the right to determine what is a violation of this and what is not in any circumstance.

  • No attempts shall be made to approach any of the Area00.com secured management systems. You are prohibited to take unlawful actions such as hacking, code manipulation, or forceful server entry. If you are caught breaching Any of the Area00.com secured management systems, you will be removed from Area00.com and charges may be filed in a court of law.

  • Area00.com is protected by copyright as a collective work, pursuant to United States copyright laws. You may not modify, copy, publish, transmit, sell, create derivative works from, perform, display, or in any way exploit any of the content contained in the Service. The information, advice, facts, opinions or other content appearing on Area00.com posted by members or third parties are those of the respective authors and do not reflect the views of Area00.com. Area00.com will not and doesnt not assume any responsibility or liability for these materials.


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We want all members to feel save and secure here at Area00.com.

The following Area00.com Policy demonstrates Area00's intent and commitment to protect customer's rights on Area00.com.

  • Profile information will be used to create personalized content and service on Area00.com. Area00.com may also use your profile to generate aggregate reports and market research.

  • All profile data stored by Area00.com has been entered solely by the respective customer.

  • Customers can modify registration data associated with their account, and can control selected private information from being disclosed on their member page.

  • Area00.com message communications are only accessible by the designated recipients with the exception of Area00.com staff. Area00.com staff may at any time read Area00.com communications to determine possible instances of cheating.

  • Area00.com staff will be clearly identified on the main page of Area00.com. All instances of staff impersonation, either in the game or outside of the game should be reported to Area00.com by email to support@area00.com immediately.

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EFFECTIVE DATE: Nov 13, 2001

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