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Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations

AAM: Air-to-Air guided Missile.

AAW: Air-to-Air Warfare.

AEW: Airborne Early Warning.

AIM: Department of Defense designation for any air-launched anti-aircraft missile.

Airfield: A base unit that has runways to launch aircraft.

Altitude Bands: The altitude and depth representations used in the Area00 Game system.

ARM: Anti-radar missile.

AS: Air Search, used in Sensors Screen displays.

ASM: Air-to-Surface guided missile.

ASROC: Anti-Submarine Rocket. A ship-launched weapon comprised of either a homing torpedo or a nuclear depth charge attached to a rocket booster.

ASuW: Anti-surface warfare.

ASW: Anti-submarine warfare.

AS/SS: Dual mode radar. both air and surface search capable in one unit, used in the Sensor Screen displays.

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Baffles: The rear part of a ship or submarine where the power plant noise combined with the propulsion noise creates an area where hull sonar cannot detect contacts directly behind a platform in a 60 degree arc.

Base: In Area00 the general term referring to Airfields, Ports, Cities and combined Port/Airfield units.

Bastion: Any heavily-defended area of water. Normally, a bastion includes water partially enclosed by friendly shoreline, and cornered off by mines. Surface, submarine, and aircraft forces would patrol inside and outside this area, and acoustic sensors in the seabed would help detect hostile submarines.

Bearing: The direction in degrees from a detecting unit to a contact.

BINGO FUEL: Bingo Fuel refers to the amount of fuel until you must return to base, normally with a small reserve added. When you hit BINGO you must return to base or risk crashing for lack of fuel.

BO or BOL: Bearing Only or Bearing Only Launch. This refers to contacts for which you only have the bearing and not the distance and a Bearing Only Launch is the firing of a missile or torpedo down a bearing without having a complete bearing plus distance solution.

Bridge: The place within a ship where navigation and piloting occurs.

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Call Sign: In Area00 each unit and group has a call sign. Groups have a three letter call sign, a BLUE group might be AAS, while a RED group could be ZS. Units within a group share the first two letters of the Group call sign, with a two digit unit indicator (i.e. the first unit of Group AAS would have the call sign of AA01). The third letter of the Group call sign indicates the known group type, namely:

C Carrier Group S Ship Group U Submarine Group A Plane Group H Helicopter Group M Missile Group T Torpedo Group a Airfield Group P Port Group b Airfield and Port Group

Caesar: The Soviet fixed seabed passive sonar sensor system. Located on the ocean floor in the North Sea.

Cavitation: Submarine and surface ship propellers create small bubbles in the water if they spin at high speeds. These small bubbles almost immediately collapse, creating a sound called cavitation noise. As submarines go deeper, the pressure allows their propellers to spin faster without creating this sound.

CG: Cruiser Guided Missile. American designation for any cruiser armed with surface-to-air guided missiles.

Chaff: Strips of metallic foil, cut to the wavelengths of specific radar, used for jamming.

CIC: Combat Information Center, the tactical center of the ship, where enemy contacts are plotted and tactics planned and executed.

Class: In Area00 this refers to a specific platform type of which there may be many individual members. For example, the Iowa class of Battleships includes the Iowa, New Jersey, Wisconsin and Missouri as members of that class of ship.

CO : Command Officer or Wing Commander in Area00

CSUP: Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

CV: American designation for any aircraft carrier.

CVBG: American designation for an aircraft carrier battle group.

CZ: Convergence Zone used in Sensor Screen displays.

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D: Dipping Sonar used in the Sensor Screen displays.

DD: American designation for any destroyer.

DDG: Destroyer Guided Missile. American designation for any destroyer armed with surface-to-air guided missiles.

Director: A sensor specific to a particular weapons mount, used to target the weapon before and/or during firing.

DO : Defense Officer in Area00

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Electronic Counter Measures (ECM): Any device or system capable of either jamming or deceiving enemy radar.

ELNT: Electronic Intelligence. The identification of specific enemy radar, as well as the platforms employing these radar, by the analysis of received radar signals.

Endurance: In Area00 this refers to airborne endurance (i.e. how far you can go before running out of fuel). By using the range circle options, you can visually determine your endurance distance for a currently set altitude and throttle setting.

ESM: Electronic Support Measures. Any system capable of detecting and analyzing enemy radar signals.

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FF: American designation for any frigate. Frigates are normally smaller than destroyers.

FLIR: Forward Looking Infrared sensor, carried by some aircraft and used to spot surface ships and surfaced or snorkeling submarines, used in the Sensors Screen displays.

FO : Finance Officer in Area00

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GIUK: Greenland-Iceland-United Kingdom. The opening between Iceland and the Faeroe Islands, leading to the straits between Scotland and Denmark.

Group: A collection of one or more Units within Area00. Most of your orders are given to Groups.

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H: Hull Sonar. used in the Sensors Screen displays.

H/T: Combination Hull/Towed sonar. used m the Sensors Screen displays.

HF: Height Finding air search radar, used in the Sensors Screen displays.

Hunter-Killer: A naval unit whose purpose is to seek out and destroy enemy submarines.

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IR: Infrared, detecting radiating heat.

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KB: Kilo Byte, or 1,024 bytes of information.

KGB: Governmental branch of the Soviet Union responsible for State security. Combines the functions of the American CIA, FBI, and NSA.

Knot: Nautical miles per hour. A nautical mile is about 14% greater than a statute mile.

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LD/SD: Airborne Look Down/Shoot Down radar, used in the Sensors Screen displays.

Loadout: In Area00 this refers to an aircraft's' specific ordnance load for a given mission type.

LOC: Line of Communication. Military term for any supply line extending from a country engaged in hostile activities to the front lines.

LR: Long Range.

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M: Mine Hunting Sonar, used in Sensors Screen displays.

MAD: Magnetic Anomaly Detection. A system which is capable of sensing disturbances in the earth's magnetic field caused by the presence of a large metallic object, such as a submarine.

MB: Mega Byte, or 1 million bytes of information.

Mount: A weapons mount in Area00. A mount contains a weapon, the ready ammunition for that weapon and possibly a sensor used to target the weapon, called a director.

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NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization, comprised of the United States and her European Allies.

nm or NM: Abbreviation for Nautical Mile.

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OTH: Over the Horizon radar (normally land based), used in the Sensors Screen displays.

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Picket: A scout, looking for the enemy. In Area00 this normally refers to the Picket Zone of your formation, the outermost ring.

Platform: Any vehicle capable of carrying a weapons system.

PR: Periscope Radar, used in the Sensors Screen displays.

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Radar: Radio Detection and Ranging. A sensor system capable of detecting targets by way of reflected electromagnetic energy.

RIM: Department of Defense designation for any ship launched anti-aircraft guided missile.

RO: Airborne Range Only radar, used in Sensors Screen displays.

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S: Sonobuoys, used in Sensors Screen displays.

SAG: Surface Action Group. A Surface action group is centered on one or more powerful surface ships such as cruisers and/or battleships and includes several escort ships for protection. Its mission is to provide heavy firepower when needed, as in support of an amphibious landing.

SAM: Surface-to-Air guided missile.

Sonar: Sound Navigation and Ranging. A sensor system capable of detecting underwater targets whether actively (i.e., through reflected sound waves) or passively.

Sonobuoy: An expendable sonar device used in anti-submarine warfare, normally dropped by aircraft.

SOSUS: The NATO seabed passive sonar listening system.

SOW: Stand-Off Weapon. Normally applied to an antisubmarine weapon (torpedo or depth charge) attached to a rocket booster.

SPIR: Shipboard Passive Infrared sensor, used in the Sensors Screen displays.

SR: Short Range.

SS: Either a Surface Search radar or the designation for a Diesel (non-nuclear) Attack Submarine, dependent on context.

SS-N-21: A type of Soviet cruise missile carrying a nuclear warhead.

SSBN: Submarine Ballistic Nuclear. American designation for any nuclear- powered submarine armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles.

SSM: Surface-to-Surface guided missile.

SSN: Submarine Nuclear. American designation for any submarine propelled by nuclear power.

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T: Towed array sonar, used in Sensors Screen displays.

Thermal Layer: The depth at which a sudden temperature change creates a 'layer' that tends to reflect sound waves, reducing sonar effectiveness. Also called the Thermocline.

TO : Tactic Officer in Area00

Towed Array Sonar: Any sonar device capable of being towed behind a surface ship, The advantage of a towed array sonar is that it can be employed beneath ocean thermal layers where a submarine might hide.

TVD: Soviet Intermediate High Commands in the various theaters of operation. TVDs are subordinate to the VGK (the Supreme High Command).

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UNIT: In Area00, a unit consists of any single ship, submarine or base. Missiles, Torpedoes and Aircraft can have multiple members in a single unit, but must share the same target or Loadout.

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VDS: Variable Depth Sonar, normally a towed array sonar that can vary its' depth, allowing it to listen both above and below the thermal layer, used in the Sensors Screen displays.

VGK: Supreme High Command of the Soviet Union responsible for all military actions. Comprised of the Minister of Defense, his five commanders-in-chief, plus six other deputy Defense Ministers for civil defense and other matters.

VCO : Vice Command Officer or Vice Commander in Area00

VO : Vice Command Officer or Vice Commander in Area00

VTOL: Vertical Take-off and Landing. Abbreviation for any fixed-wing aircraft capable of a direct vertical take-off.

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WARSAW PACT: The Soviet equivalent of NATO, comprised of the Soviet Union and her eastern European allies.

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