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  Note on this manual and Area00

As with any other online game, the basics are covered in an online manual but a true measure of the best players is how much they can learn independently through experimentation. Not all aspects and features or combinations of features are described within the confines of the manual so you, as a player, are expected to learn the games limits and potential through interactive play.

If there is anything that is not covered in the manual, your first and most important resource are other players in the game. Hook-up with a veteran and get them to teach you the things that are not covered here. Failing that, try the Help Desk or Area00 BBS are monitors and players in both also willing to help. Remember the game is meant to run itself so help from the game creators and monitors are not as valuable as players with experience.

We hope that if you have questions that can not be answered in the game by other players, bring it to our Help Desk after you have completely read this manual and at least tried to play for a few hours before bombarding it and the Area00 BBS with questions. To get you started, read the FAQ first.

We are hoping that the community is the help desk and that our game monitors are also part of that community as players first and monitors second. The goal for Area00 is one where Tony can leave the game for months and have the community support itself without any intervention. He would be called in the event that the game crashes or if major upgrades or bugs glitches need repair. Having said that Area00 is committed to producing a simple guide for players needs that if read will result in a player getting his basic needs met and they can go off and play, learn and develop without the further need to seek out answers to questions that are answered by game play in a few short weeks or hours.

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