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  Weapon in Area00

Weapons are divided into 3 classes: guns, bombs and missiles. Guns are used in close air combat or in ground missions, bombs are used to destroy ground targets, missiles are used at range in air combat.


Guns are the aircraft's primary weapon. The gun was designed to be a flexible, lightweight, low cost system capable of destroying enemy on the battlefield.

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Bombs are distinguished from all other weapons in the way that they possess no motors or propulsion system of their own.

  • Unguided Bombs

    They are released from the aircraft and free-fall to their target. All bombs are generally categorized according to the ratio of explosive weight to total weight. Categories include General Purpose (GP), Demolition, Fragmentation, and Penetration.
    For General Purpose bombs, the explosive weight equals approximately 50% of the total weight. These bombs typically weigh from 250 to 2000 pounds and are useful against a wide variety of targets. In demolition bombs, the explosive weight equals 65% to 80% of their total weight.

  • Laser Guided Bombs

    A Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) is a maneuverable free-fall weapon that guides to a spot of laser energy reflected off the target.
    The LGB is delivered like a normal low-drag bomb and then the warhead and guidance unit corrects for many of the normal small errors inherent in any delivery system. Laser designation for the weapon can be provided by an airborne or ground laser designator.

  • Cluster Bombs

    Cluster bombs are dispensers loaded with sub-munitions and may remain attached to the aircraft or released as a free-fall unit. Dispensers that remain attached to the aircraft dispense the sub-munition by ejection through the bottom of the dispenser. Dispensers released as free-fall units are designed as clamshells with either two or three longitudinal sections.
    The clamshells blow apart at a predetermined time or altitude after release and the sub-munitions inside are released. The sub-munitions are bomblets or mines designed for use against such targets as light material, personnel, or armor.

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  Weapon Characteristics

Weapons in Area00 has special characteristics.

  • Armor Piercing
    It reduces target's armors to 1/3 (33%).
  • Home on radar
    It can be homed on radio wave. accuracy bonus 30%.
  • For big bomber
    Weapon is designed to attack big bomber. When you shoot an aircraft smaller than LARGE size, your own accuracy = accuracy * 0.9

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  Custom Arming

You can equipt your aircraft freely. Refer to below table.

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  Mission Arming

You can equipt your aircraft by mission type. Refer to below table.

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  Weapon List

List of all weapons in Area00

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