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  Freelancer and Wing

Freelancer is pilot has no his/her own wings. Because freelancer cannot take military mission, he/she should join for his job.

Wing is the organization of mercenary pilots serves one employer and one nation. Wing members must obey their employer and do not harm. Wing receives support from its employer and take the part of war. Mercenary pilot want to join a wing contracts employer through wing commander.

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  Create Wing

Any pilot has no wing can creates his or her own wing freely. Pilot contracts the nation want mercenary force and become the CO(Command Officer or Wing Commander) himself/herself. One wing can have maximum 10 pilots, include a commander.

After creation, you cannot leave wing for 1 hours.

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  Join Wing

Freelancers can join any wing freely.

After join, you cannot leave wing for 1 hours.

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  Leave Wing

You can leave your wing whenever you want. After leaving you cannot receive more support from wing and become a freelancer. A wing commander want to leave his or her wing must appoint next commander among other members. When a wing has no member a wing is dismantled automatically.

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  Wing Officer

A wing commander appoint other wing member to the post of wing officer.

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  Wing Finance

Some parts of payment of wing members are collected as tax an become income of their wing. Only Finance Officer can set the rate of tax. If wing has no Finance Officer the tax rate is 10%.

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  Wing Equipment

A Wing buy some equipments for the safety and convenience of wing members. Only Finance Officer decides to buy or sell equipement.

KC-135 Stratotanker
makes re-fueling in air possible. But only in friendly air.
Repair Center
allows to repair member's aircraft for no fee.
HH-60 PaveHawk
increases the probability of rescue when a pilot is lost his or her aircraft.
reduces the time to recover the injured pilot.
A surveillence satellite of CIA. It allows to view other wing's infrastructure information.
GPS Satellite
GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It makes GPS guided weapons available.

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  Alliance and Enemy

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